Decibel Magazine

"The black/death/sludge/doom/industrial commingling is potent, incisive and effectively presented". 

Metal Hammer Portugal
Rated 4/5 

No Clean Singing
"Unlike a lot of albums, Cult Burial also has the confidence not to front-load all its best stuff right at the start. In fact I’d even go so far as to say that this is one record that actually gets better the deeper you get into it, as by the time that back-to-back brooders/bruisers “Plague” and “Kill” rear their ugly heads it really feels like the band have hit their stride, at which point it’s just one hit after another – the hammer-smashed hooks of “End”, the grinding, galloping momentum of “Forever”, and the slow-motion stomp of “Sorrow” – until the album reaches its crushing climax." No Clean Singing 


Moshpit Nation

"A masterwork of visceral extreme metal, with focused progressive highlights, thick, sludgy atmosphere, and blackened tremolo riffs, all over a rock solid foundation of old school influenced death metal."​

Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

The group’s debut album is a frothing and raging beast that wants nothing more than to devour you whole. It’s hard to argue that they don’t accomplish their goal come the end.

Metal Temple

“Cult Burial” is a fine example of how to be creative using old musical formulas - 8/10"

Alternative Control

"Cult Burial set the bar incredibly high with their first full-length. They took the classic death metal formula and moulded it with the atmosphere of an occult horror film, creating an incredibly deep and memorable experience."