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Self-titled album (releasing 6 November 2020)

Death Metal / London, UK

Downloadable MP3:

Artwork by Legerdemain


Cult Burial is a blackened death-doom studio project hailing from London. Having formed in early 2020 the project rapidly developed, with the collective starting from scratch and finishing an EP and an album within four months. The result is a punishingly heavy record that seeks to draw some of the darkest elements from the textures and atmospheres of less heavy music. This desire for crushing sounds has driven Cult Burial to the next demented level, setting them distinctly apart from many of their contemporaries.


The project formed when mastermind Simon accidentally acquired a baritone guitar after a heavy night of drinking.  Within days he fell in love with the incredibly heavy sounds of the instrument and found some collaborators to work with.  Quickly they pieced together a debut EP entitle Sorrow, whose title track premiered on No Clean Singing. Their EP featured in Metal Hammer Portugal and Cvlt Nation among others. With this acclaim in tow, the band rapidly set about writing what would be their debut album. The sound that had made heads turn early on was finally starting to crystallize.


Even as Cult Burial prepare to unleash their first LP upon the world, the band is grinding away, working on a second record. Perpetually inspired by the tormented magic of the baritone guitar and with the darkest of textures in mind, Cult Burial seeks to continue to plumb the depths of the human experience. This project is the sort of DIY experience that fuels the underground. It is ambitious, powerful and one of a kind. Now, Cult Burial are wallowing in the murk, conjuring new madness and waiting for their next chance to strike.

ALBUM ART / LOGO / PHOTO (click to download)



Dark heaven absorber of light

Dims my visions 

Into madness

The price of deprivation

Paid through my sanity

Faithful guards of seclusion

Haunt me tirelessly

Night-breeze feed my spiritual form

Hail the king of a somber regret

Across a sea never sailed before

Drowned in light

And memories of devastation

Ceasing the will to sustain my path

Spirits gather 

Pure sin

Visions of destruction

Ruin and tragedies

I am the dethroner of life

Shaped by blasphemy

Formed by a frozen soul

Covered by hatred

I vainly summon a vile rebelion

Mighty of the despised

An endless walk in a lonely reign


Defenceless against light

Carried by the winds of illusion



Shrouded by a fog


Sunken in

The vile truth of existence

That blinds me

That blinds my eyes

Crawling towards nothingness 

My scars pull me down

The heavy weight of existence

That I can’t wield



The destruction of a person

Only the taste of regret 

Am I able to feel?

Will it ever end?



Suffering never ceases

To seek revenge upon myself



Beyond the dark, horizon

Lies the hopeless, void 

Of my dreams

Imploding my will

Draining my life

Consuming my thoughts

Demising my beliefs

All cast into the vortex

Of chaos

Of destruction

Of decadence

Driven by anger

Bestowing the purpose

I was created for

My path was written in stone

The flame that 

Not only gave me birth

But also has burnt me

Ignited uncontrollably 





Hiding behind a grand illusion

Glances of the deep abyss

Is only what I am empowered to see

My vision fade

As every second passes

Slowly impairing all my senses



Entering the gates

That lead to nowhere 

But my vain existence

Throughout my journey

I’m followed by ghosts

Of a numb temptation

My destiny, my fate

Never leads to an end

Brought by pain 

Watching the darkened skies 

The cold breeze 

Leaves only the moon to awake me

Caressed by the dark

The worms of contempt

Devour my soul

In eternal putridity 

As darkness falls above

For interminable centuries

Nothing more to ear my call

I’m lost

Evil creation

Given immortality

To endlessly suffer


Rotten beast

That inhales

The gaze of despair

In a nocturnal rite



Anger and fury

Runs through

My body

I can't bear it

A slime of sorrow

Flows through me

Alone I walk

My eyes can't see




Not knowing about my fate

Deformed thoughts invade a sea of darkness

Will I ever be awake

Malignant severing

Deformed laughter

Descendent from my dismal visions

Devouring my soul

Eternal blasphemy

My heart dies drowning

In the scorn of solitude

My eyes glowing red 

After hell’s evil haunting

Lurks in every corner

The plague of deep depression

Spreading throughout

My freezing blood







Growing dead

Deep inside

Fearing my fate

I have none

All severed to shreds


Agonising feelings

In this evil form of life

Frozen winds of obscurity

Oblige me to embrace the deep void

That surrounds me

Unable to take my life away

Death heals me

I am one with the dark

I can hear the sound of a suffocating slumber

Coming from the grief of sorrow





Kill my visions






Brutal Death from the claws of grievance,

End me, die

Restless creation

Residing in a deceitful illusion

The pain needed

To feel alive

It’s never enough

A search for my subconscious

I never seem to bare 

The wandering through my thoughts

Intense schizophrenia

Why am I only allowed to succeed against death? 

Moving vainly 

Rambling endlessly towards 

My demise

There is no beginning to an end

A farce meant to fool me

Beyond my visions lies

A delusion of destined tranquility

A conflict between dream and reality

Fear drowns my mind


Still nothing changes

A treacherous contempt

Brutal anger towards everything

Released from the shackles of death 

Drown in a sea of scorn

Severe and sovereign existence

Allow me to rest

Dying hope

To end my life



Drown in the dark colour of solitude

Forever cursed

Forever forgotten


Fearful to behold 

The shadow

Living under the premise 

That someday

A pale dim light

Will illuminate my path



I follow the sorrows breath

The flaming evil 

That lies within me

It’s never going away

In the dawn it rises 

More deprived

Time after time

It lies crowned

In colours of depression


Lyrics and vocals by César Moreira

Music by Simon Langford

Additional guitars by Felipe Grüber

Additional bass by Gavin Brooks

Mixed by Simon Langford

Mastered by Chris Coulter at Decimal Studios

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