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Dethroner (releases 26 August 2020)

Death Metal / London, UK

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Dark heaven absorber of light

Dims my visions 

Into madness

The price of deprivation

Paid through my sanity

Faithful guards of seclusion

Haunt me tirelessly

Night-breeze feed my spiritual form

Hail the king of a somber regret

Across a sea never sailed before

Drowned in light

And memories of devastation

Ceasing the will to sustain my path

Spirits gather 

Pure sin

Visions of destruction

Ruin and tragedies

I am the dethroner of life

Shaped by blasphemy

Formed by a frozen soul

Covered by hatred

I vainly summon a vile rebelion

Mighty of the despised

An endless walk in a lonely reign


Defenceless against light

Carried by the winds of illusion


Lyrics and vocals by César Moreira

Music by Simon Langford

Mixed by Simon Langford

Mastered by Chris Coulter at Decimal Studios

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